When Should I Behead My Succulent?


Grow a succulent in light that’s too poor, and it’ll gradually stretch out, extending the top part in search of the sun. Etiolation is not reversible, so behead them into new growth.

Too much moisture leads to fungal infections in roots. A great way to ensure that succulent lives is to take the top off and plant it in a new succulent soil.

Rough handling and damaging weather can cause succulents to break off. Trim off ragged ends from the mother plant and propagate shed leaves and broken tops.

Succulent plants can get too big and unwieldy. Tame the monster with a bit of trimming. Propagate the stem cuttings into new succulents.

What’s better than sharing new plants? It’s a great way to swap different types of succulents with other plant lovers and expand your collection of indoor plants!

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