What to Plant in August: 10 Crops for A Fall Vegetable Garden

What to Plant in August: 10 Crops for A Fall Vegetable Garden


There's still plenty of time for late summer planting before the cold weather begins.  Here's our list of vegetables that will keep the garden powering even in  the cooler months.

If you want a vibrant leafy green that is packed with nutrients, plant Swiss Chard this August.

1 Swiss Chard

This leafy vegetable takes 6 months to maturity, so now  is a great time to plant  spring cabbage.

2 Spring Cabbage

Plant them in early August, and by late September, you’ll have more crisp, flavorful leaves than you know what to do with!

3 Mustard Greens

Brussel sprouts have a tight green head that's spectacular, roasted or fried. They're growing season crop, so they must be transplanted ASAP!

4 Brussel Sprouts

Growing green beans on a trellis is a space saver! Plus, there are so many varieties to choose from.

5 Pole Beans

These magical vegetables do the bulk of their growing in cool weather. Plant them in August, and they'll be ready in the spring.

6 Japanese Onions

Carrots are one of the easiest fall crops to grow. Like other root vegetables, plant them on loose and well-drained soil.

7 Carrots

The Napa cabbage or Wombok has sweet leaves perfect in stir-fries and salads. It produces superior flavor when planted  in August.

8 Chinese cabbage

Fall is the best time to get huge leaves that are less bitter. But kale is a heavy feeder, so grow them on fertile soil.

9 Kale

The best spinach doesn't come from the summer garden but from the early fall. They are less bitter when growing in cooler  soil temperatures.

10 Spinach

Before you break seed packets and start planting, check the USDA Hardiness Regions to get an idea of what growing season to expect. Happy planting!

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