What to Plant in a Salsa Garden?


What to Plant in a Salsa Garden?

The best tomato plants with low moisture are Roma, San Marzano, and Amish Paste tomatoes.

Tomato-- the staple ingredient

If you're craving a salsa verde with a unique flavor that is tart, bright, and citrusy, then you'll need to plant tomatillos.

If you're a thrill seeker like us, grow hot peppers like jalapeño, mirasol, demon red, and serrano. For sweet and mild taste, there's always the sweet bell peppers.

Chili Peppers  for Hot Salsa!

Red onions and yellow onions are equally delicious! We recommend good onion varieties such as Vidalia, Spanish Red, Italian Torpedo, and Scallions.

Onions for Added  Crunch and Kick

Growing takes a while so we recommend overwintering varieties. Of course, you can cheat and grow garlic chives or green onions instead.

Garlic for Depth  of Flavor

Many folks stick to Mexican Cilantro, but you can mix it with herbs like Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley for fresh flavor!

Herbs for a  Unique Twist

Lime elevates the flavor of all the ingredients and keeps them fresh. Luckily, you can grow them in containers under full sun!

Limes for a  Citrus Tang

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