What is Chaos Gardening?

If you're looking for an easy garden idea adaptable to home gardens, get to know chaos gardening  in this story!

A chaos garden is when all the old and leftover seeds you have to hand are mixed and tossed into  a single bed or container.

The end result is a self-sorting tangle of all kinds of garden plants, growing close to how plants thrive in the wild.

It puts pollinator-attracting wildflowers right by fruiting plants and fragrant herbs that repel pests next to vulnerable vegetables.

The best thing about chaos gardening is it's super easy to do. All you need is to get the seeds on the dirt and let Mother Nature do its work!

This is also a thrifty way of taking old seed packets close or past  their expiration date and getting  the most from them.

Mix lots of different seeds but use plants with similar needs. The wider your variety, the less they  will compete with each other.

Get some legumes like peas, beans, or even flowering clover into the mix, and they provide nitrogen to the rest, so you don’t need to fuss as much with fertilizers.

Water little and often because the organic material that builds up in the soil helps everything stay nice and moist.

As each new harvest appears, bring it in as soon as you spot it. Cut back edible leaves and remove  fruit to prompt new growth.

Click on the link to learn the  step-by-step guide on how to  start your own chaos garden.