What Does Bright, Indirect Light Mean?


Indoor plants do not receive as much light as outdoor plants do. Most of them, like snake plant and ZZ plants, need bright light without full sun.

Bright indirect light is filtered sunlight. The light source can be filtered by an object, like a sheer curtain, or bounce off from an object before hitting your plant.

South-facing windows receive the brightest light, especially during the hottest time of day. The intense sun's rays can reach your indoor plants through these windows.

North-facing windows receive the least amount of light, but your plants can get enough light from here during warm months.

East-facing windows supply indoor plants with the right light requirements. They give a lot of natural light or bright indirect sunlight.

West-facing windows give the same light intensity as east-facing windows. So, the best way is to place your house plants in an east or west-facing window.

If you have small windows and little light for your plants, supply them with a grow light or artificial light. It can mimic the same lighting conditions as in east-facing windows.




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