What do Morels Look Like?

Not sure what morels look like? Learn the different kinds of morels and what  to avoid in this story.

1. White morels  Sometimes called the gray morel, their color ranges from crisp whites and creams to soft oyster  gray.

2. Yellow Morels They stand out from the crowd with gorgeous golden yellow caps and can reach 12 inches long.

3. Black Morels  They live up to their name, with the more mature mushrooms displaying a darker color.

4. Half-free Morels  The only morel with a cap that is not wholly connected to the stalk.

5. Burn Site Morels They are dark brown to black in color and are often speckled with ash.

6. False Morel Mushrooms The toxic mushroom Verpa false morels, resemble black morels, but the cap is skirt-like and hollow.

The second impostor is the Gyromitra false morels with heavily textured cap in rich browns and reds.

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