What are the Benefits of Lawn Mushrooms?

Lawn mushrooms appear whether we like it or not. But you may ask, what are they really? Do they do us any good?

A lawn mushroom, or backyard mushroom, is an underground fungus that grows in wet and  moist areas such as tree stumps.

They're a part of your lawn or backyard's healthy ecosystem and appear when the conditions are exactly right.

The fungal structures are hidden underground, and their fruit, the mushrooms themselves, spring  up overground.

Mushrooms, as well as toadstools, both propagate through airborne fungal spores and are the fruiting bodies of fungi.

Different types of fungi can grow in shady conditions on your lawn. But, if you notice them growing on your lawn grass, this is a sign of good soil.

Mushroom growth indicates that dead plant material is being cleaned up, and many organic materials are in your soil.

And you'll be happy to know that most mushrooms won't affect your plant roots or growth and are a sign of a healthy lawn.

If you see mushrooms growing in a particular area, it means it's more fertile than others and is a good soil.

The soil particles of that area might have more microbial activity, making it an ideal growing condition.

So next time you see lawn mushrooms growing, it's a good idea to move your plants to that area because these are a good  sign of healthy soil.

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