What are Fairy Rings Mushrooms?

Have you ever spotted odd-looking mushrooms that grow in circles? Chances are, these are fairy rings. Are these mushrooms a sign of a healthy lawn? Watch this story to get to know them.

Fairy ring mushrooms grow in circles on lawns, grassy areas with grass clippings, and meadows after heavy rains. They appear in several varieties, often circular and reddish brown, with a knobbed cap.

In Gaelic folklore, it was said that fairies or elves danced in the circle and that if a human entered to join in, they'd be forced to dance until they died of exhaustion.

Fairy Ring mushrooms are usually one of two types: edaphic or non-superficial and lectophillic or superficial.

Edaphic rings are created by an underground fungus, creating a hardened, water-repellent surface to prevent too much water from entering their home.

Lectophillic rings or arcs are formed by fungi that have taken up residence in the layer between the soil and grass with loads of old organic waste such as stems and roots.

Fairy rings are often safe and edible, but the stem is usually discarded as it's hard and has a leathery nature which is not great to eat.

However, they can be slightly toxic to your pets and other small animals. So we advise destroying any fairy ring mushrooms as soon as they appear and keeping an eye on the entire area for re-growth.

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