Using Straw as Garden Mulch

What is straw and its benefits as garden mulch?

Straw is the stalk of any grass or grain, usually either dried and  compressed.

Common forms of straw mulch include rice straw, oat or barley stalks, or processed sugar cane.

Here are 7 benefits of using straw as garden mulch

1 Straw mulch is light and easy to spread around  your garden.

2 Straw mulch is sustainable and cheap.

3 It helps control weeds by preventing germination.

4 Straw keeps the soil moist by holding and absorbing water.

5 It insulates and protects roots by preventing heat stress in summer months.

6 Straw mulch improves the quality and volume of soil by improving its texture.

7 It also protects against pests and diseases such as soil-borne fungal diseases.

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