Top 10 Ways to Provide Shade for Plants

Gorgeous plants with all kinds of foliage colors and showy flowers are not limited to bright, direct sunlight but can also thrive in shade gardening.  Watch this story to get inspired!

                              1                       Shade Cloth This nifty shade is typically made out of loosely woven polyester and is available in a variety of shade coverage, from 30% to 90%.

                              2                      Row Covers Gardeners love using row covers as defense to frost and it's great option for light-sensitive plants throughout the growing season.

                              3                        Shade Dot This keeps your leafy companions from shriveling up in the hot summer sun. They diffuse the sunlight throughout the day.

                              4                       Shade Sail If you have a larger garden or outdoor space with shade loving plants, consider installing a shade sail.

                              5                 Water Features Not only do water features add a peaceful vibe to any shade garden, but they can also be a shade structure in a corner.

                              6                 Woodland Trees                   (Canopy Trees) Woodland trees, are a fantastic shading option for those with a little more time on their hands.

                              7                   Window Boxes It allows you to use your house and other fixtures to provide indeed shade for anything you plant in them.

                              8                         Fencing Looking to add both shade and privacy to your backyard area? Consider paneled fencing! 

                              9  Vining Plants and Trellis Structure Fast-growing vining plants like wisteria and clematis can climb and grow over shade structures in your garden in one week.

                           10              Companion Planting Large, sun-loving plants like oriental lily can provide the necessary shade to your shade-loving plants.

Click the link to learn how to make a shade garden and pick out  shade-loving plants.