The Perfect Aloe Vera Soil Mix

The Perfect Aloe Vera Soil Mix

Aloe plants and succulents hold high moisture in their foliage. Hence, they need more draining soil than regular potting soil. Use these 4 ingredients to make the best aloe vera soil mix.

Coco coir is a sustainable potting soil that can hold water up to a third of its weight, just like peat moss. Its pH is around 6.0, which is good for most indoor plants.

1 Coco Coir

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral that enhances drainage and aeration of the aloe vera soil mix.

2 Perlite

Sand is a cheap amendment that ensures the soil drains excess water properly. It's widely available and cheap.

3 Coarse Sand  or Gravel

Orchid bark creates large air pockets in the soil mix, which help excess water drain faster than regular potting soil.

4 Orchid Bark

To create my aloe vera soil, combine all the ingredients in equal parts and simply mix  them well.

Aloe Vera Soil Measurements

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