The Best Plants to Grow on Moss Poles

The Best Plants to Grow on Moss Poles

Monstera Deliciosa is a huge vining plant that needs support. It's well-suited for a sphagnum moss pole made from a PVC pipe.

1 Monstera Deliciosa

A delicate indoor climbing plant best for coco coir poles supported by synthetic plant stakes or bamboo stakes.

2 Monstera Adansonii

It's a compact plant that doesn't grow like Deliciosa and Adansonii. But it's spectacular on a moss pole!

3 Mini Monstera

Jasmine is a beautiful, fragrant climber usually grown on fences and trellises outdoors. It works well with a moss pole indoors.

4 Jasmine

The delicate but beautiful Pothos can handle a range of light conditions, does not need pampering, and doesn’t even need much water.

5 Pothos

They proliferate and require little to no maintenance. It is an interesting plant that looks good in any environment and grows well on a moss pole.

6 Arrowhead Plants

It is typically grown in a hanging basket but looks fantastic on a moss pole. The Hoya flowers are abundant for many months  of the year.

7 Hoya

Vertical poles are great for epiphytic plants as they support their aerial roots, which they naturally attach to almost anything.

8 Epiphytic Plants

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