Soil Mites vs Root Aphids: What's in Your Soil?


Soil mites are super tiny arthropods that are hard to see with the naked eye. They are closely related to spiders and other crawly creatures with exoskeletons, such as ticks.

Soil mites are pretty much harmless to humans and plants. They can even be considered beneficial insects to plants as they help to break down organic matter in the soil and keep the plant’s root system healthy.

A near-cousin of aphids, the Rice Root Aphid is from the family Phylloxera and is an aphid species defined by their bad habit of feeding on the roots of plants during part of their lifecycle.

Root Aphids have a white waxy appearance, and can have a life cycle of 30 days or longer. They tunnel into the root, creating scars that leave plants vulnerable to mildew and disease.

Is your plant suffering from an aphid infestation? You can try these tricks to eliminate a root aphid infestation.

High heat can kill mature aphids as well as overwintering aphid eggs.


Cooking the  plant's soil

Luckily, this organic pesticide is effective against aphids and eggs.


Neem Oil

You can easily make this at home using ingredients you already have.


Insecticidal Soaps

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