Preventing Root Rot in Hydroponic Systems

Prevention is always better than cure, so let’s look at how to prevent root rot in hydroponic systems in this story.

                          1 Add oxygen to the root zone. Most unwanted pathogens struggle in an oxygen-rich environment.

                          2 Provide good drainage. Almost all root pathogens need wet conditions to thrive.

3 Change your hydroponic solution regularly. Nutrient imbalance can weaken the roots and make the plants more vulnerable to attack.

4 Maintain correct pH levels. Dangerous fungi and bad bacteria prefer neutral to alkaline conditions.

                           5 Maintain a cool water temperature. High temperatures at the root zone reduce the amount of oxygen the water can hold.

                          6 Maintain good hygiene in your growing space. Always wash your hands before and after working with your plants – it’s one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of bacteria.

                          7 Add beneficial bacteria. Hydroponic roots don’t get the chance to develop the beneficial root bacteria that helps protect them from root problems.

If disaster strikes, learn how to deal with root rot by clicking the link below.