The Perfect Pothos Soil Mix Recipe

​Pothos, or Devil's eye, is one of the easiest house plants to grow. But they grow best as indoor plants with a certain kind of soil.

The perfect type of soil for Pothos plants is a well-draining soil with the right water retention, pH level, and organic matter.

The best pothos soil mix recipe contains at least one organic element, one for good drainage, one for texture, and one to hold them all together.

Perlite holds oxygen and natural fertilizer for the plant's roots, even in wet soil. It's a mineral, so it doesn't break easily.



These soil amendments hold water and keep a moist soil for the Devil's ivy.

Coco coir/ peat moss


Orchid bark creates gaps in the soil, like natural drainage holes that remove excess water and prevent root rot.

Orchid Bark


An indoor potting mix or pre-mixed soil holds all the soil mixture together. It supports a good soil structure for the root system.

Good quality potting blend


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