Pool Landscaping on a Budget: 10 Easy Backyard Ideas


Pool Landscaping on a Budget: 10 Easy Backyard Ideas


This cheap decor adds a warm, romantic vibe to any pool landscape. Pair them with hanging plants or hang them  on trees for a relaxing night!

1 String Lights

Photo Credits: Maria Orlova on Pexels

Don't have access to electricity? Try solar lights around the pool. They are more sustainable than string lights.

2 Solar Lights

Photo Credits: Canva

Change the mood of your pool landscape in one button using color-changing LED pool lights!

3 Pool Lights

Photo Credits: Canva

A pool landscape will not be complete without colorful plants! You can choose from many hardy plants, like hibiscus, gardenias, and roses.

4 Flower Beds

Photo Credits: Alesia Kozik

Add a natural texture around your swimming pool with grass borders. Their colors naturally complement pool water.

5 Ornamental  Grass Border

Photo Credits: Daniele La Rosa Messina on Unsplash

If you're looking into extra shade from burning sunlight, grow plant shrubs on the sides  of the pool.

6 Plant Shrubs

Photo Credits: Bele Niza on Unsplash

Add layers to your in-ground pool landscape with river rocks. Pair them with flower beds or lay them as rocks to make an accent.

7 River Rock Garden

Photo Credits: Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Place a seating area to relax with your family while enjoying the cool breeze outdoors.

8 Seating Area

Photo Credits: Rachel Claire on Pexels

If peeking neighbors are your concern, add a privacy screen. Decorate it with hanging plants and lights to add a cozy vibe.

9 Privacy Screen

Photo Credits: Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

A wooden deck will make your pool look clean and put together. Plus, they will accentuate flower beds and plant shrubs around your pool!

10 Wooden Deck

Photo Credits: Michael Block

Click the link for more backyard ideas for a serene pool landscape.

Photo Credits: Jack Delulio on Unsplash