Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Blue Spruce Tree Fertilizers


Organic fertilizer with soil-based microbes that make tree roots healthy and leaves bright.

1 Miracle-Gro 'N  Shake Feed

The best fertilizer if you're looking for a balanced tree nutrient that lasts a long time.

2 Scotts Continuous Release Fertilizer

The best fertilizer designed for evergreen trees' ultimate nutrition and support for new growth this early spring.

3 Jobe's Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes

A high nitrogen fertilizer that gives your Colorado Blue  Spruce Trees good energy  and protection from pests.

4 TreeHelp Premium

An ideal choice when you worry about too much fertilizer. This soaks your well-drained soil with the proper amount of nutrients.

5 Fertilome  Tree Food

An organic liquid fertilizer made from brewed compost you can DIY at home.

6 Compost Tea

Photo Credits: Chandra Oh on Unsplash

Looking for something that can bring back the life of your dying Picea pungens? This fertilizer has all the best nutrients.

7 Miracle-Gro  Fertilizer

If you're into growth and blooms, this is the best fertilizer for the job! It has a lot of nitrogen for optimal nutrition.

8 Nelson NutriStar Tree Food

Looking for something economical? Try this awesome fertilizer that works on a slow-release formula.

9 Osmocote Smart Release Fertilizer

Want to have the perfect Christmas tree this holiday season? Feed your blue spruce tree with this golden food.

10 Golden Tree  Plant Food

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