Mushrooms in Lawn: Are They Good or Bad?

First, let's discuss 7 reasons why mushrooms grow on your lawn.

Photo Credits: Yana Kangal on Pexels

Microscopic spores spread into the air and germinate with excess moisture. You'll see them sprouting in shady areas  after a long rain.

1 Heavy Rain

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Lawn mushrooms like to grow in overly moist areas from standing water, so they always grow along with your plants.

2 Overwatering

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If your garden beds or flower pots are too compact, the low air circulation will make  mushrooms grow.

3 Soil Compaction

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Mushrooms feed on organic materials like old grass cuttings, grass roots, dead tree roots, dead leaves, and other dead  plant material.

4 Organic Waste

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Lack of drainage happens more around tree stumps and you'll mostly likely find mushrooms there.

5 Poor Drainage

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Mushrooms feast on decaying organic materials like animal waste. They're like your free caretakers!

6 Animal Waste

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Warm temperatures and humid weather make mushrooms grow. They are good signs to go on hunting for morel mushrooms!

7 Weather  Conditions

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So, are mushrooms in lawns good or bad? Mushrooms are a sign of a healthy lawn! They don't grow where there is no organic  food source.

Photo Credits: Jesse Bauer on Unsplash

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