Monstera Thai Constellation  Fun Facts

Monstera Thai Constellation plant is a beautiful, rare type of Monstera that spreads with massive breadth, often hosting splashes of cream and yellow on its green base.

These tropical plants can grow  1-2 feet each year for up to approximately 8 feet. Its big leaves can grow up to a span  of 3 meters!

Thai Constellation Monstera is not a naturally occurring variety from its parent, the deliciosa.

The Monstera Thai Constellation was first introduced to the world through intentional genetic mutation through tissue culture of monstera plants  in a lab.

In fact, its name stems from the fact that it was first cultivated and produced in a lab in Thailand using a Monstera deliciosa plant.

The Thai Constellation also has a star-like pattern on its foliage and resembles something from a NASA catalog.

While it’s a slow-growing plant, it requires plenty of bright, direct sunlight and nutrient-rich potting soil to grow bold and strong.

It grows best in free-draining soil and doesn’t require too much watering – making it an ideal specimen for beginner green thumbs and indoor gardeners.

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