Is A Yellow Cucumber Bad?

You probably have yellow cucumbers in your refrigerator, and you may wonder, 'Is a Yellow Cucumber Bad?'

The most common reason is overripe cucumbers, which may have been stored for over a week beyond the recommended storage time.

Overripe cucumbers are safe to eat, but before you take a bite of that yellow cucumber, read about these other reasons why cucumbers turn yellow:

This viral disease in cucumber plants can cause yellowing in cucumber leaves and fruits. It's best to practice crop rotation.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus


This fungal disease can also affect cucumber plants when there is too much water. Add organic matter to the soil and provide row covers.

Powdery Mildew


This pest can attack during the growing season and stay until late harvest. It causes yellowing and a bitter taste in fruits.

Cucumber Beetles


Some cucumber plants naturally produce yellow cucumbers, like the Lemon cucumber. Know your cucumber seeds before planting them!

Yellow Cucumber Variety


To answer the question 'Is A Yellow Cucumber Bad?', it depends on the reason. However, throwing yellow cucumbers away is best because they are usually mushy and bitter.


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