Hydroponic Peace Lilies Care and Growing Conditions

Although Peace Lilies are known to be relatively hardy and, therefore, a great addition to a new home, they aren't as forgiving when grown as hydroponic plants.

In this story, we will teach you the ideal conditions for growing Peace Lilies in freshwater such as the type of water, water pH, and light requirement.

Water The water used in a hydroponic system must be distilled or spring water with a  pH balance of 5.8 to 6.5.

When replenishing the water level in a hydroponic container, it is important to refrain from using  tap water due to the harmful  chemicals added to it.

Temperature Native to the tropics, Peace Lilies prefer to grow in moderate to warmer temperatures ranging  from 65°F – 85°F during the growing season.

Avoid exposing your plants to colder temperatures below 60°F as the cold air will damage their dark green foliage. It's recommended to grow these plants indoors, sheltered from cold breezes.

Light Peace Lilies prefer to grow in bright, indirect sunlight and typically grow well under fluorescent grow lights.

However, it is recommended that Peace Lilies be placed in a brighter location and receive between 6 – 8 hours of light per day to flower.

Peace Lilies will start to develop yellow leaves when the light source is too strong, while brown leaf tips are caused by the plant being exposed to direct sunlight.

Humidity Peace Lilies are the perfect plant to grow in a hydroponic system, as the water creates high humidity levels.

Peace lilies enjoy humid climates. The ideal humidity level for growing Peace Lilies is above 75% humidity.

Fertilizer Peace Lilies aren't heavy feeders and don't require much fertilizer in their water. But adding a few drops of liquid fertilizer like 10-10-10 is recommended.

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