Hoya Kerrii Growing Guide


Hoyas are slow-growing plants; thus, they require patience to grow into a big and lush Hoya Kerrii vine. It will take a cutting up to three years to grow into a fully mature plant.

While regular indoor potting soil is suitable, adding amendments like perlite and orchid bark will help create an airy mixture for better water drainage and aeration of the roots.

Best Soil For  Hoya Kerrii

Due to their thick, heart-shaped leaves, the water requirements for these plants are low. Overwatering can lead to  root rot.

Water Requirements

The ideal room temperature range for hoya is between 65° to 77° F. During the winter months, avoid placing your Hoya near cold drafts and radiators or air  conditioning vents.

Temperature and Humidity

Hoyas require bright but indirect sunlight to thrive. But they can withstand a bit of direct morning sun, as well. Place them in a North-facing sunny, or consider Eastern or Western exposure.

Light Needs For Hoya Kerrii

If you are growing a single-leafed plant, it will not require any extra nutrients unless it begins to put out new vines. However, since these little single-leaf plants tend to have a short lifespan, they do not need extra food.


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