How to Propagate the Philodendron Birkin using Air Layering

Air layering in the Philodendron Birkin  plant can be quite complex because this tropical plant is a slow grower. But for those who  are ready to take the challenge, here's a quick tutorial.

1 First, choose a healthy stem as a starting point. The stems should be free from any signs of root rot and yellow leaves.

2 Make a vertical cut along the stem 2 inches long using a clean, sharp knife. This Philodendron plant was previously taken with some stem cuttings.

3 To prevent the stem from drying, wrap a bundle of damp peat moss or coconut coir around it to maintain a wet environment – perfect for fostering new root systems.

4 Seal the moss or coir with plastic wrap to keep it in place. Place the plant under bright, indirect light to help recover.

5 Cut your new cutting just below the new root growth with a sharp knife. Plant it in a new pot with drainage holes to prevent root rot.

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