How to Propagate Fishbone Cactus  using Water

Propagating Fishbone cactus plants, or Epiphyllum anguliger in water is the easiest way to  make new plants!

Watch this story to learn how to use water to propagate orchid cactus stem cuttings  step-by-step.

Choose a stem to cut. Ensure that you’re only taking cuttings from healthy parts of the plant. Sick leaves will likely not survive and take root!

Take your clean scissors and cut the leaf. Aim to take cuttings at least 3-4 inches long, but they  can be as long as you like!

After cutting, allow the ends of the cutting to dry and callous for at least a day to prevent infection.

Get your vessel. It can be a vase, jar, or cup. Fill it up with clean water and pop your cuttings in! Ensure the cut end is in the water.

Refresh the water once a week, and wait for root growth! Transfer the cutting to the soil when these  roots are about 3 inches long.

Continue caring for the plant; you will soon see new stems growing!

Click on the link to learn how to propagate fishbone cactus using stem cuttings and division in soil.