How to Propagate a Black Rose Succulent

How to Propagate a Black Rose Succulent

The easiest way to propagate your Aeonium succulents is by taking stem cuttings. But first, you need to prepare scissors, a clean cloth, a pot, and potting soil.

Pick stems with an intact healthy rosette and at least 4 inches of stem if none stand out. If there are several leaf rosettes, these can be made into separate cuttings.

If the stem is curved, cut it smaller to get a straight stem so the new plant will grow straight upwards.

Remove any dry, old leaves at the base of the black rosette, leaving only a healthy rosette and a piece of stem.

Do not plant your cuttings yet! Lay them on the cardboard to dry in a cool location out of direct sunlight.

When the cut ends of the stems feel dry, place each cutting in prepared soil. Water them lightly and place in a bright, indirect light.

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