How to Grow Pilea Peperomioides

How to Grow Pilea Peperomioides

Whether keeping it as an indoor fixture or planting it outdoors in your garden, the Chinese Money plant will thrive  with a straightforward care regimen.

The soil mixes should be fluffy and light, as any soggy soil without proper drainage can cause root rot. A coir-based or peat-based potting mix with a pH balance between 6.0-7.0 works best with these plants.


Chinese Money Plants require a consistent but infrequent watering schedule. Only the top two inches of soil should be wet with each watering to ensure it does not remain soggy for prolonged periods.


The temperature and humidity in an average home suit the Chinese money plant perfectly. Unless the temperature drops below 50°F (10°C) or the plant is directly exposed to heating vents, your plant will thrive indoors.


The Chinese money plant can survive in a wide range of humidity. Still, it thrives in medium to high humidity with a generous misting occasionally.


Pilea peperomioides only need a limited amount of fertilizer during the spring and summer months and little to no fertilizer during winter.


Pilea peperomioides like bright, indirect sunlight. Place them near east-facing windows. Too much light, especially direct sunlight, can keep Pilea from thriving.


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