How to Grow a  Salsa Garden

There's no greater joy than growing your own salsa garden where you can get fresh ingredients all summer! Watch this story to learn the basics of growing a salsa garden.

First and foremost, choose where to plant your salsa vegetables. The garden bed needs to be in a warm part of the garden, with access to full sun.

No garden space? No problem! Grow your salsa garden in containers. Just place them in a southeastern balcony or south-facing room.

Not enough sunlight in your room? Don't worry! You can supplement these warm-season vegetables with grow lights, which will grow just fine.

Hot peppers and tomato plants are heavy feeders, so we recommend adding a few inches of manure to your soil a few weeks before planting.

Provide a lot of space to your salsa plants, so they have enough room to stretch. Provide pepper plants and tomato plants with trellis to help them climb.

Start by planting your green onions and garlic chives as soon as the soil gets warm. These salsa vegetables will produce larger bulbs in cool weather.

A week or two from the last frost date is the best time to plant in the US. Once the danger of frost has passed, plant tomatoes and peppers next.

Finally, add your herbs. They don't take a long time to establish, so you can harvest in as little as a few weeks.

Many folks stick to cilantro, but you can add herbs like Mexican Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley for a unique twist.

Click the link to learn more about what to plant in a salsa garden, including tomatillos for making salsa verde! 👇