How to Get Rid of Flies from Plants  13 Best Methods

Fungus gnat larvae feed on plant material, such as roots, by creating little openings that invite bacteria and cause root rot.

Fortunately, getting rid of fungus gnat larvae and adult fungus gnats is easy. Watch this story to know the best way for you!

                              1                Sticky Gnat Traps Yellow attracts the adult fungus gnats flying around, and the sticky residue traps them, eventually killing them.

                              2              Apple Cider Vinegar Gnats are attracted to the sweet, tangy smell of the vinegar, and the dish soap suffocates them as they try to go for a drink.

                              3                Beneficial Insects Beneficial nematodes feed on fungus gnat larvae while ladybugs are effective predators of adult gnats.

                              4       Hydrogen Peroxide Solution It's a strong disinfectant and kills larvae and adult flies that come  to lay eggs in the soil. It's also  safe for our house plants.

                          5                   Cinnamon Cinnamon eliminates organic material for fungus gnats and creates a barrier to keep adult fungus gnats from getting into  the soil.

6 Pesticides (Pyrethrin) Pyrethrin is found in most insecticidal soaps and pest-repellant sprays. It is organic,  safe to use, and affordable.

7 Remove The Top Layer Of Soil Fungus gnats only lay eggs on the top of the soil, so replacing the top inches with fresh soil can help remove many eggs.

8 Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous earth is an organic substance made from ground-up prehistoric fossils. These particles are so tiny that they can enter the airways of insects.

9 Neem Oil Spray Neem oil is a 100% organic pest repellent with azadirachtin which kills adult fungus gnats. It's also easy to make at home.

                             10               Let Your Soil Dry Out Fungus gnats like to lay eggs in rich and damp soil, where their larvae will be safe and have plenty of food!

                             11    Mosquito Bits (Mosquito Dunks) Mosquito bits contain a beneficial bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, which eliminate fungus gnat larvae.

                             12     Introduce A Carnivorous Plant  Carnivorous plants, like the Venus Fly Trap, butterwort, cape sundew, and dewy pine, feed on insects  like fungus gnats.

                             13               Combine Methods The best way to treat the gnats at every stage of their lifecycle is to use multiple methods simultaneously!

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