How to Choose the Best Fertilizer for Bonsai

Choosing the best fertilizer for bonsai depends on your bonsai’s age and soil type. Older trees will require a totally different care regimen than younger trees.

However, as a general rule of thumb, a 7:8:8 ratio of NPK is the best harmony of nutrients that is not too harsh or ineffective for the soil.

The NPK ratio changes according to various circumstances. For instance, use a 10:6:6 fertilizer with high nitrogen content in summer to facilitate plant growth.

Subsequently, the nitrogen content falls as the seasons roll on, with late spring demanding a well-balanced 6:6:6 ratio and autumn a 3:6:6.

Another intriguing ratio consists of a 6:10:6 NPK configuration, which is ideal for amplifying flower production from a lofty phosphorus content.

Pro gardener tip:  A bonsai tree requires twice the frequency of fertilization indicated on the label and half the fertilizing strength!

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