How to Care for Tradescantia Lilac

How to Care for Tradescantia Lilac

Tradescantia zebrina, commonly known as Tradescantia Lilac or inch plant, is a fast-growing trailing tropical plant native to South America and Mexico.

They creep across the forest floors in their natural habitat, creating a full, bushy look under larger tree canopies. Tradescantia is considered an invasive species in many parts of the world.

But thanks to their attractive foliage, Tradescantia plants stand out as easy-to-care indoor plants. Just follow these care and growing conditions.

Because the Wandering Dude likes evenly moist soil, your soil mixture is essential. But make sure to give them drainage holes to prevent root rot.

Well-Draining Soil

Tradescantia Lilac can tolerate some drought, but don't let the soil go bone dry. During winter, reduce watering if the plant has slowed down.

Frequent Watering

The ideal range is between 65-80F (18-27C). But it can tolerate down to 50F (10C). Avoid anything lower than this because the plant does not like cold and cannot tolerate frost!

Room Temperature

Tradescantia can tolerate some direct sunlight but avoid placing it in the hot afternoon sun. Consider getting a grow light if there's not enough light in your room.

Bright, Indirect Light

Due to their tropical origin, Tradescantia plants will do best when grown in high humidity. They appreciate 50% humidity or higher.

Average Humidity

Tradescantia appreciates regular feeding with a liquid fertilizer for indoor tropical plants. Feed it monthly during the growing season (March to October).

Best Fertilizer

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