How to Care for  Orchid Plants  After Blooming

Orchid flowers don't last forever. After the fall, the spike is left on the plant and you have three options for treating the spikes.

It would be best if you prepared these tools: A pair of sharp, sterile scissors Cinnamon powder as a natural  root hormone A diluted solution of 10% bleach and 90% water

But first, take your bleach solution and soak the tools in it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse them with  plain water and let them dry.

Option 1: Leave Spikes As Is Spikes will show some bloom again after some time, but the  new growth will be smaller and have longer and ungainly stems. They can bloom more than once  in a growing season.

Option 2: Cut the Stem Above the Node When the stem is still green, look for the node below the lowest flower bloom on the spike. Then cut the bloom spike 1 inch above the node.

Potted Exotics Pro Tip: Grab your cinnamon powder and sprinkle some on the cut end wound.

Option 3: Cut the Flower Spike from the Base If you notice yellowing or browning of the spike, grab your sterilized scissors and cut at the base of  the flower spike. You will have  new stems in 8- 12 weeks.

Click the link to access the full guide on our website and read more about the post-bloom  orchid care regimen.