How Often to Water Grass Seed?

As a general rule, keep the soil consistently moist for the best results. Lightly watering newly scattered seeds daily in the early morning will help the new seed germinate most effectively.

Thoroughly soak the planted area for  5-10 minutes, allowing water to  soak down to the root systems.

Monitor soil moisture, and if the soil loses moisture too rapidly during the day, you may need a second light spritzing in the late afternoon,  an hour or so from dusk.

But, like many simple answers, a lot more is happening in the background. Here’s what you need to work through to get the best from your new lawn.

Clay soils hold too much water, while sandy soils drain fast. Loams contain a balance of clay and sand, holding moisture and nutrients for the grass.

Soil Quality

The ideal soil temperature for spreading new grass seed is between 55 and 65 degrees F.  Keeping the soil moist for a few days before spreading the seeds will be helpful if you live in a particularly dry and hot area.

Region and Climate

A new lawn on a steep incline will require more water over time due to the relentless nature of gravity – water will run down the hill. The parts at the top will be drier and need more frequent watering.


Warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses have different needs, so pick one suitable for your climate, soil type, and season you wish to plant.

Grass Type

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