How Much Light Does A Monstera Need?

How Much Light Does A Monstera Need?

No matter what variety of Monstera you’re growing, they need sunlight. All plants, from the most humble moss to the largest, soaring redwoods, need sunlight to grow.

The green chlorophyll pigment in the plant’s leaves uses the sun’s rays to turn water and carbon dioxide from the air into sugars for growth. So, how much light does a Monstera need?

When grown indoors, Monstera species generally require as much bright, indirect light as you can muster – 6 – 8 hours of light is best.

Bright, indirect light is the sort of illumination that will allow you to cast a strong shadow on a wall without any direct sun. A bright window is perfect!

Monstera will also tolerate small amounts of direct sun, usually in the early morning when the rays are milder and less likely to cause damage.

There are a few signs your indoor Monstera is not getting adequate light. The first sign your plant suffers from a lack of light is leggy growth, with few new small leaves.

Low-light conditions prompt small, heart-shaped leaves with few splits or fenestrations – the elongated holes for which these plants are famed.

The good news is that a potted plant is easy to move into brighter light, and artificial lighting from grow lights is just as good if you’re in a pinch.

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