How Long Does It Take Carrots To Germinate?  Tips & Tricks

Carrot seeds can take what seems like a lifetime to germinate! Almost all carrot varieties germinate slowly, and in most cases, they take between 7 and 21 days before they germinate  from seed.

Some gardeners sow the un-germinated seeds directly into the soil and let them germinate there. Still, that method usually takes the most time.

To speed up the process, germinate your carrot seeds indoors in late summer and sow them directly  in early fall

Step 1

Soak your carrot seeds in distilled water for a few minutes.

Step 2

Transfer the seeds to a moist paper towel, and fold the paper towel over the seeds to maintain moisture coverage.

Step 3

Place the paper towel and carrot seeds inside an air-tight container or glass jar and close the lid.

Step 4

Store the container in a dark, room-temperature environment for the several days.

Step 5

Keep an eye on the seeds, and once you see sprouts, they are ready to  be sown in the carrot bed.

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