How Long Does A Pineapple Plant Take to Grow? Care Guide

How Long Does A Pineapple Plant Take to Grow? Care Guide

Growing a pineapple plant is not reserved for impatient gardeners. Sadly, you cannot expect this tropical plant to produce a giant fruit within a couple of months.

Growing a fully matured fruit takes a pineapple plant between 18 and 36 months, depending on its growing method and environment.

There is no such thing as a shortcut to growing pineapple fruit, but providing your plant with the right conditions can minimize the length of time you spend waiting!

Pineapples will grow best in USDA zone 11-12. It will not grow well in colder climates. A temperature ranging from 15-30 ºC (60-85F)  works best.

The soil should be non-compacted, well-aerated, and loamy if you want favorable pineapple production. And most importantly, the soil must be well-draining to prevent root rot.

During the growing process, fertilizers should be applied in two stages, once before planting and once during growth.

For an outdoor plant, direct sunlight is needed. Providing your plant with plenty of sunshine helps the plant grow and develop this tropical  fruit’s flavor.

Cut off the pineapple top with the leaves using a sharp knife to propagate. Let the cut end dry overnight and place in water to root.

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