How Long Do  Bonsai Trees Live?

A bonsai tree's lifespan depends on specific things, including its species, care, and where it grows.

They can live up to 100 years if given the proper care.

Certain indoor bonsai trees are hardy and withstand natural challenges like spider mites and root rot.

Here are evergreen and deciduous trees that live well over 10 years old when given the right care and treatment.


This spectacular long-living species is known for its vibrant flowers that bloom in pink, violet, red, and white shades.


The ficus bonsai tree is an easy tropical plant that can grow and survive for decades if you provide a healthy life.

3 Cypress

Belonging to the coniferous family, this type of bonsai tree has stunning needle-like foliage and a conical shape that can withstand a century.

4 Cherry

The small size of these miniature trees, coupled with their alluring pink blossoms, create an enticing sight.

5 Maples

Growing Japanese maple trees is worth it due to their mesmerizing colors, which  is why they have immense ornamental value.


The pine bonsai tree has spectacular longevity and followers because of its free-flowing growth pattern.

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