Growing a Peace Lily in Water

Growing a Peace Lily in Water


Prepare a glass container to house the Peace Lily plant. Add enough water to cover the roots. We prefer using a clear container so you can observe the roots.


Remove the potted plant by turning it over on one side and gently squeezing out the soil. You can also use an uprooted plant.


Examine the root system of the Peace Lily to see if there are symptoms of root rot and cut-off damaged roots.


Submerge the roots in water. Use distilled water with a pH of 5.8 to 6.5, and avoid using tap water.


Place the plant in bright, indirect light. If your room has little light, grow the peace lily with a grow light.


Feed your Peace Lilies a balanced nutrient solution of liquid fertilizer regularly, preferably every two weeks.


Change the water in the hydroponic system every two weeks to prevent bacterial infections. If you're using tap water, leave it for a few days to remove chlorine.

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