Easy Moss Poles for Plants


Scissors Rubber gloves PVC Pipe/ Bamboo stake/  Wooden stake/ Wooden poles Sphagnum peat moss Wire mesh/ Fishing line/ String Bucket or bowl of water

Materials and Tools:

Soak the sphagnum moss in water for about 20 minutes or until it expands. Add more water if necessary.


Measure your plant stake and cut into size. Remember that about 12 inches will be buried into the soil and your plant can grow longer.


Squeeze excess water from the sphagnum moss and attach it to the main support. Use strings to secure it in place.


Add more moss and avoid leaving gaps for an even cover.


Get your indoor climbing plant and carefully insert the sphagnum moss pole. Use the strings to attach the plants to the moss pole.


Water the plant and moss pole. Do not force the plants to cling to the moss,; wait for them to grow.


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