Dos and Don'ts  in Growing  Hydroponic Trees

Just as when grown in soil, different trees will have different care and growing conditions in a hydroponic setup. These are some of the dos and don'ts you should consider when growing hydroponic trees.

Type of Tree Do choose compact trees designed for container growth, like dwarf citrus, dwarf cavendish banana, and dwarf papaya.

Don't underestimate root growth. Trees can choke their own root systems if not given sufficient room, so be aware of your species' requirements.

Growing Medium Do choose blended mediums with good water retention and electrical conductivity, like an equal blend of perlite, peat, and vermiculite.

Don’t plant trees in inorganic media because they need a degree of decomposing organic material to support plant growth.

Container Do ensure enough space for the roots of the plants. Full-sized trees, even dwarf varieties, have extensive roots.

Don’t be afraid to size up as your tree grows. An infant sapling will need less root space than a mature tree.

Light Do provide artificial light if growing indoors.

Don’t forget  photoperiod!

Water Do ensure your pH levels and temperature are appropriate for your plant type.

Don’t overdo your water level to prevent root disease.

Nutrients Do check the nutritional requirement based on their lifespan. Mature trees covered in blooms need a richer solution.

Don’t forget to keep your solution aerated.

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