Do Snap Peas Need A Trellis?

Do Snap Peas Need A Trellis?

There are two types of peas: bush peas and climbing peas. Some people argue that the bush varieties do not require a trellis, but I recommend using one for every kind of pea!

A pea bush of 3 feet will become too heavy to keep itself up, and it will eventually topple over and collapse. A trellis is necessary to grow healthy, strong peas!

Creating a pea trellis does not have to cost a fortune. Often, trellises can be made with simple, affordable items and used with everything from trellised strawberries to okra plants.


Prepare a small pot filled with a well-drained growing medium. Ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent excess moisture and root rot.

Use Tomato Cages


Using poles to create a trellis is my favorite trellis idea. It’s incredibly easy to do and costs little to no money.

Pole Stake Trellis


If you live in the countryside and have an old chicken coop, consider recycling chicken wire into a trellis for your peas.

Repurpose Old Chicken Wire


A DIY trellis for snap peas is the perfect weekend project and will provide more space in your crowded vegetable garden.

DIY Bamboo Trellis

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