Do Peppers Need  A Trellis?

From hot peppers or sweet peppers, adding a few different types of peppers to your garden bed will bring a little spice to the growing season!

But do peppers need a trellis for a bountiful harvest? Are peppers climbing plants? How tall do they grow? We will answer these questions in this story!

Peppers don't need a trellis. But most varieties can be trained to climb and all peppers benefit from one.

Bell peppers will have trouble holding up their fruits without a trellis. Small peppers can be trained vertically and will help save space and make harvesting easier!

Peppers are not climbing plants. They are shrubby herbaceous perennials, living two or three years in warm climates.

The height of your pepper plant depends on the type you grow. Dwarf varieties will only reach a foot, while large peppers like serrano peppers can reach  4 feet.

Staking is a simple, low-tech option to support your pepper plants, but it's only recommended for small peppers with slender main stems.

A trellis is the best way because it allows good ventilation. We've had some success with simple trellises made from chicken wire and poles.

Like tomato plants, pepper plants can benefit from a tomato cage. They are a great way to grow large peppers like green bell peppers.

Start your pepper seedlings indoors before planting them into the soil under full sun. It's a good idea to buy seeds than sprouting chili seeds from the counter.

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