Coco vs Soil: Which is Best for Plants?

Coconut coir, or coco coir as gardeners know it, is made from fibers of coconut husks with excellent water retention. It's a renewable resource that supports root development and plant growth.

Like peat moss, coco coir is a natural soil amendment that absorbs excess water from the soil to keep it moist. It's an excellent choice for a grow medium in a hydroponic system.

Meanwhile, soil is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay with organic matter like dead leaves and other waste products. Soil provides a natural nutrient solution to plant roots.

Many commercial garden soil today has been modified to support a healthy plant. Soil mix has been added with organic nutrients and other soil amendments to change pH levels, oxygen levels, and nutrient levels.

A soil mix provides organic matter and good plant drainage, while coco coir holds moisture and nutrient solutions for the soil.

In conclusion, coco coir is a soil amendment and should not be used alone because they don't provide nutrients to support  plant life.

For best results, soil should be incorporated with coco coir to increase nutrient and water retention.



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