Coco Coir vs Soil

Coco Coir vs Soil

What's the difference between soil and coconut coir? First, let's ask: What is soil? Stupid question, right? But it pays to know soil so we can investigate its difference from coco coir.

A good quality potting soil contains a lot of organic matter and inert mineral components.

Coco coir is a simple material, a natural fiber that can be used to grow plants.

Coco coir holds water and nutrition solutions for plant growth.

Soil provides good drainage and supports root systems.

Commercial potting soils contain slow-release fertilizers to provide nutrients for the plants.

Coco coir contains no fertilizer but holds them well for the soil.

Coco coir can be used to rehabilitate exhausted soil or as a foundation for new beds before the growing season.

The best commercial soil blends are inoculated with the spores needed to kick-start life below the surface.

The water-holding capacity of soil depends on its components and organic matter content.

Coco coir has excellent water-holding capacity and can draw nearly 40% of its weight in water.

In conclusion, coconut coir is a soil amendment. It should not be used alone to grow plants, except when you only need a medium for a hydroponic system.

My standard mix for indoor plants is a simple coco coir, perlite, and good-quality potting soil. It has an ideal water retention, aeration, and fertility balance for just about any indoor plant! Click the link to learn more. 👇