Black Rose Succulent Care Tips

Black Rose Succulent Care Tips

The beautiful Aeonium arboreum from the Canary Islands has recently gained popularity because of its head-turning  dark-colored, fleshy leaves  on long, leggy stems.

Like other succulents, Aeonium Black Rose does not like too much water. Water them only when the soil gets completely dry.

Black rose succulents will retain their dark colors when grown under sunlight. Place them on a sunny spot beside a window.

If you want to grow them outdoors, pick a spot with partial shade. Avoid full sun to prevent dormancy.

Aeoniums are hardy plants but do not tolerate freezing and cold weather. Place them indoors if the temperature drops to 30 °F.

An elevated humidity will increase the chances of fungal infections, so never mist the leaves of aeoniums!

The best way to propagate your Black Rose Succulent is to take stem cuttings and plant them in early spring.

If you care for your Black Rose Succulent well, it will bloom into pretty yellow flowers!

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