Best Types of Lettuce for Hydroponic Systems

Best Types of Lettuce for Hydroponic Systems

Almost any type of lettuce can grow in a hydroponic system. But these are the list of the most popular types.


The Little Gem variety of Romaine is ideal for hydro. It only reaches a height of around 6 inches (15cm) and has sweet leaves. They fit nicely in even compact systems.

Romaine Lettuce


Ruby is my go-to loose-leaf variety. It has glorious color and matures quickly. It also has no issue being harvested one leaf at a time.

Loose Leaf Lettuce


Bibb lettuce is a real winner. While it takes around two months to mature, the outer leaves can be eaten much earlier. It’s heat tolerant and has a good margin of error for beginner gardeners.

Butterhead Lettuce


The European Style Batavia is another good choice. It’s hardy and rarely bolts in higher temperatures. Choose between green- or red-leafed varieties for a pop of color in your harvest.

Iceberg Lettuce

Click the link to learn how to start a hydroponic lettuce. 👇

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