Best Types of Clip-On Grow Lights for Plants

Best Types of Clip-On Grow Lights for Plants

Indoor grow lights can give natural light to different plants in small spaces so they continue growing even on dark days of winter.

Fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes are the go-to option for starting seedlings, vegetables, herbs, and other low-light plants.

1 Fluorescent Lights

An HID grow light closely mimics the natural light that plants would get from the sun, making it more efficient for large-scale growers like greenhouses or farms.

2 HID Lights

LEDs have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs and consume less energy, produce less heat, and use a semiconductor chip that makes them glow when electricity runs through them.

3 LED Lights

Modular LED lights are like regular LED lights, but the diodes operate independently when power runs. So you can repair them without replacing the entire light.

4 Modular LED Lights

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