Best Succulents to Pair Together for A Perfect Succulent Dish

Beautiful succulent arrangements are not all about combining color, textures, and shapes but also about which succulents grow best together.

Create a balanced look from tall Kalanchoes, rounded aeonium, and small varieties of Aloe Vera. They grow well in full sun.

Aeonium + Kalanchoe + Aloe Vera

Play with the color wheel in these indoor succulents. They come in different sizes and heights, but they are also perfect with uniform prototypes of succulents.

Echeveria Varieties

Combine Haworthia, Jade Plant, and String of Pearls for a more textured look. These succulents are slow growers with same water requirement.

Haworthia + String of Pearls + Jade Plant

Plant as many succulent plants as you like. The most important thing is they have enough space and good drainage.

You can grow them with other hardy plants, like cacti and ornamental grasses, as long as they have the same light and water requirements.

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