8 Best Bonsai Trees for Indoors


Ficus retusa, or Ficus bonsai trees, are among the most common indoor bonsai trees because of their low maintenance. They boast dark green leaves, perfect for any space!

Ficus Ginseng


These deciduous trees produce bright leaves in red, purple, burgundy, and maroon during fall. These miniature trees are a great addition to the collection of bonsai enthusiasts.

Japanese Maple


Dwarf jade plants, or baby jade, are known for their thick, succulent stems that bring luck to homes.

Jade Plant


Chinese elm, or Ulmus parvifolia, has delicate branches with small leaves. It boasts dark green leaves during the growing season!

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree


These deciduous trees are distinct for their umbrella-like canopy. Like other ficus trees, this type of tree is easy to care for.

Ficus Benjamina


This species of tree is known for its cascading branches and leaves. It's a beginner bonsai tree that can withstand strenuous trimmings.

Juniper Bonsai Trees


One of the best dwarf pine trees that produce impressive wavy patterns. It's perfect for warm climates.

Japanese White Pine


This is a popular choice for bonsai lovers because it can be a cute accent in any living room.

Fukien Tea


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