Are Mushrooms a Sign of a Healthy Lawn? What to Know

Whether we like them or not, lawn mushrooms appear in our beautiful gardens. But are they really that bad? Or are mushrooms a sign of  a healthy lawn?

Mushroom loves excess moisture, so you'll likely see mushroom growth on tree stumps  after long rains.

1 Heavy Rain

Overwatering can cause standing water, so we always see mushrooms growing  with our house plants.

2 Overwatering

The lack of air circulation in tightly pressed soil or compact soils can quickly cause mushroom growth.

3 Soil Compaction

Wild mushrooms feed on organic materials like rotting grass clippings and dead tree roots.

4 Rotting Natural Materials

Poor drainage can also cause stagnant water, so giving our house plants well-draining  soil is a good idea.

5 Poor Drainage

Animal waste, roadkill, organic waste, and other organic debris are food sources for wild mushrooms.

6 Animal Waste

Warm temperatures and humid weather are the perfect conditions for microscopic spores germination and mushroom growth.

7 Weather Conditions

If you see mushroom growth in your lawn, congratulations! Mushrooms are a good sign of a healthy lawn. They mean a good source of water and food for your plants and a healthy ecosystem.

Mushroom growth is not something to worry about, except when you want to eat them. Click the link to read about bad mushrooms to eat in  our blog post. 👇

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