Are Mammoth Sunflowers Perennials?

Helianthus Giganteus is an annual plant that proudly displays huge flowers with (more commonly) vibrant yellow petals and a golden-colored center that attracts a wide variety of life, including birds, bees, and butterflies.

Their flower heads can come in various colors, including cream, red, and chocolate brown, adding various colors to your garden.

Sunflower stems are robust and can grow up to 12ft (3.6m) tall, which makes them the perfect, dramatic backdrop to a sunny flowerbed that perhaps backs  onto a wall or fence.

The Mammoth Sunflower does not come back every year. These plants are an annual, not a perennial variety of sunflowers, and will not return from the roots during the following spring.

This means they grow for one season and flower for the next two to three months before dying for winter after the first frost.

But Mammoth sunflowers seeds are plump, meaty, and fortunately plentiful, which can be harvested and, if stored correctly, regrown next spring or stored for a second or third year.

Although the Mammoth is an annual, many sunflowers of the perennial varieties exist.

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